Supporting the Ophthalmological Industry and Professional Bodies

Why Join?

There are currently over 50 member companies of OPTIC (UK) all active in the UK ophthalmological industry. Any company wishing to become a member must first apply on the application form, giving details of their activities; the application will then be submitted to the Council of Management for approval.

The following resume outlines the main activities of this Trade Association:

OPTIC (UK) is a Trade Association formed in 1983 out of the Ophthalmic Exhibitors Group, not only to provide exhibition services but to broaden the scope of the organisation to include all matters concerning companies within the Ophthalmic Products Industry.

Our exhibition organisation ensures a considerable cost saving on space and enables us to work closely with the ophthalmic medical profession to ensure high standards of meetings.

OPTIC (UK) continues to maintain its membership of the AEO (Association of Event Organisers), working in conjunction with various Ophthalmological Professional bodies such as The Royal College of Ophthalmologists and Oxford Ophthalmological Congress to provide professional technical exhibitions at their Congress.

In addition, OPTIC (UK) is a trade association member of ABHI which provides close links with similar groups and corporate bodies in dealing with the Dept. of Health & Industry, BSI/ISO, DTI, European Community, etc. We aim to keep our members informed of related matters, for example the ABHI (Eucomed) Code of Business Practice and the ABHI Primed Newsletters are circulated to our members.

The Council of OPTIC (UK) has individual responsibility for technical matters, research and exhibitions. The requirements for membership are that the company be registered in the UK and be active within the ophthalmic products industry. This covers pharmaceuticals, diagnostic equipment, books, surgical instruments and other devices. All member companies of OPTIC (UK) are expected to comply to the ABHI Code of Business Practice.

To download a Membership form in pdf format click here